Monday, September 26, 2011

one moment~

Today I had this moment with a friend at the park. We were discussing childbirth and my birth and everybody's birth. Just birth.
After I admitted some fears I was having about having another baby in a couple of years--- due to some things that occurred in the birth of my son and how I feel I need a major level of flexibility in an OB and a bulldog of a doula. She just looked at me and said the most wonderful thing. Imagine it in a british accent too, as she's from England:

You've really got to put all that you want out there. It'll come back to you. The universe'll just soak it up and send it back to you just the way you need it. You watch; all the right people and support will just start flooding into your life because you put it out there, really wanted it, and asked for it to come into your life.

This really meant a lot to me because it's reminiscent of the familiar "Ask and you shall receive" passage I heard growing up Catholic. I've always believed that what you put out there, you get back. But I loved how she worded it today. It's also a reminder not to send out negativity into the world because not only is it toxic to others, it's bound to come back to you and cause grief.

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